used by: red army
rounds: 5
damage: fatal

The mosin nagant is a long ranged rifle used by the red army in world war 2.It is very fatal in long range.It is the most common rifle in the game,call of duty:finest hour.It is used by private and commisar ranked soldier.It can be upgraded with a scope which makes it a half-rifle and half-sniper rifle.It has 5 rounds and it is very fatal when someone gets shot by this weapon.One shot is enough to kill 5 germans.It is a bolt action rifle.It is a very dangerous weapon.The rifle has a german counterpart called the KAR98 which was used by many wermacht ,german military forces in world war2.It is possible that this rifle is one of the best rifles in the world.This rifle is used by many red army soldiers during world war2.There are many more russian weapons just like the DPsubmachine gun,PPSh-41 submachine gun and many more.