Call of Duty Finest Hour is a first person shooter developed for the X-Box,Playstation 2 and Gamecube.It was released on the 16th of November on 2004. These are the analog controls for the Playstation 2 because the controls for the X-Box and gamecube I don't know.

left analog stick move character
right analog stick look around
Triangle buttton jump,stand
circle button Crouch,prone
Square button reload
X button use,pick up,Action
L1 button use ironsights (hold to mantain)
L2 Button throw grenade
R2 Button melee attack (if u have a light machine gun,u must push this button if u want to use it's bipod
R1 button fire weapon
D-pad up replenish health if u have a health pack
D-pad right cycle weapons (switch to a gun u already picked up)
D-pad left cycle grenade (switch to another grenade u already owned)