Call of Duty 2 : Big red one is a first person shooter video game.It is released for Playstation 2,Nintendo Gamecube,X-Box.It was a spinoff of call of duty 2.It is released in 2005 in Canada,USA.The controls for Call Of Duty 2 Big Red One (Playstation 2),is:

Left analog stick move
right analog stick look around,aim
O button Stand to crouch,crouch to prone
triangle buton prone to crouch,crouch to stand,jump
X button pick up,use
Square button Reload
up/down switch weapon with picked up weapon
left/right lean
L3 BUTTON sprint
L1 button use ironsights
L2 button throw grenade
R1 button fire
R2 button Melee attack
select button mission objective
                                                                                                                                                                 The Controls for Call of Duty 2 : Big red one(Gamecube),is:
Control Pad up=next weapon,down=objectives,right/left=lean
control stick move
A button activate,reload
B button melee attack
X button lower stance
Y button Up,jump
z button grenade
L button aim down sight
R button attack
C button look around,aim
start/pause pause menu
                                                                                                                                                             The controls for Call  Of Duty 2 : Big red one (X-Box)is:                                                                                
Directional pad up/down=switch weapons,left/right=lean
left thumbstick move,sprint(click)
right thumbstick look around
A button melee
B button down stance
X button toss grenade
Y button up stance,jump
white button reload
black button pick up,use
left trigger aim with ironsights
right trigger fire
start pause menu
back mission objective